All workshops can be delivered in person or online for individuals, small and medium to large group-sizes (although for public speaking workshops, we usually cap group sizes at 15-20 participants)

Writing Workshops

  • ‘Writing the World, Speaking from the Heart’
  • ‘A Poetics of Resistance’: Using language to subvert the status quo
  • ‘Still I Rise’: Poetry as the lifeblood of rebellion for Black Women 

Public Speaking Workshops

  • ‘Writing the World, Speaking from the Heart’
  • Public Speaking (Intro to)
  • Public Speaking (Campaigns)

Anti-Oppression Workshops

  • Various

Campaigning Workshops

  • Creative Direct Action


P&rtfolio is a series of workshops and content designed to support freelancers , particularly those juggling a portfolio career, navigate the maze of self-employment. Pulling together Siana’s 7+ years of experience as a freelance writer, creative and campaigner with a portfolio career, the series covers prioritisation and goal-setting, developing your ‘brand’ identity, establishing yourself financially, and using social media effectively to build your networks online and offline.